The Why

Don’t Quit! 
When scales go "clunk,' as they sometimes will, 

When the goals you've set seem truly unreal, 
When losses are low and gains are high, 
And you're embarrassed and ready to cry, 
When clothes seem to have a snugger fit, 

 Get hold of yourself, 

Here are some reasons to lose weight people have shared. Hope it inspires you and makes you think about your own reasons for wanting to lose weight. 
Want to inspire someone? Add your own reasons at the bottom of the page. 
Good luck to all of us on our respective weight loss journeys! Don't give up. 
Just a thought, what if you woke up every morning and put 3 reasons into your phone? In about a month, you'll hv almost 100 reasons.  
  • To finally express my bada** fashion sense that no one knows I even have because I'm forced to wear clothes that just fit and don't even begin to flatter.
  • To shock the naysayers
  • So i can wear anything, and look like a runway model. (despite being short)
  • I want to loose weight so that i can show all of the people that called me fat that i am beautiful and confident in the way i look
  • to be delicate
  • to be thinner than my little sister (who is slim/average)
  • to be comfortable in my own skin.
  • So I can wear a cute, tiny swimsuit.
  • So I can wear tight shirts without showing my love handles.
  • So I can wear skinny jeans and not feel fat.
  • So I can wear short tiny shorts.
  • So I can get my belly button pierced.
  • So I can feel comfortable when I'm cuddling with a boy.
  • So I can feel pretty.
  • So I can be healthy.
  • to look in the mirror and not hate what i see I’m tired of being the “ugly” friend. The only one that never gets hit on. I just want a guy to tell me I’m beautiful. I’m not even that large, or ugly. But ALL my friends are like a size 1. 
  • I want to lose weight so I can wear the clothes I like instead of settling for the ones that fit.
  • I want to lose weight to be healthy, look better, and because I want to have a baby but can’t have a healthy pregnancy at this weight!
  • I want to lose weight so guys will actually notice me.
  • I want to lose weight so I won’t be embarassed at water parks.
  • to feel comfortable when someone touches my tummy, thighs, arms, or back.
  • I want to lose weight to feel good about myself, look good, be strong, be toned, and just be healthy and active.
  • because my boyfriend of five years broke up with me for a fat girl and I never want him back.
  • im losing weight so i dont look fat compaired to my sister, so i can run at xc and track with out a shirt on and look good. and so i can not worry about how i look, because ill always look good.
  • To shock everyone who has ever called you fat
  • to get rid of all of this baby chub on my face so I can look my age
  • to get guys to notice me
  • to turn heads because I’m pretty not because I’m fat
  • to feel pretty
  • to know that I’m content with my weight and not get on the scale 5+ times a day
  • to have smaller boobs
  • to wear what i want to wear
  • to have that thigh gap
  • to have skinny arms
  • to have tiny tiny wrists
  • to see my veins all the way up my arms
  • to have a flat stomach
  • to see my hip bones
  • to have a defined waist
  • to look more like a woman and less like a rectange
  • to not have back fat
  • to see my shoulder blades
  • to no have chunky thighs
  • to not see my legs get bigger and bigger when i sit down
  • to not have a double/triple chins
  • to not have sausage fingers/toes
  • to wear size small clothing
  • to look sexy in tight clothing
  • to finally be happy with the way i look
  • I want to lose weight to feel good enough. I want to be able to play strip poker with my friends and not feel bad about it. I want to look pretty.
  • i wanna be thin so i can wear short pants
  • I want to lose weight so I can “fit in.” Pun intended. I want those lower back dimples. Muffin tops will no longer exist on me. I want to stop grabbing an extra jacket in the summer to cover up my stomach and thighs. I want to be able to go running in just shorts and a sports bra. I want to stop buying athletic clothes because I’ve been gaining weight so quickly. I want my boyfriend to hold me tighter. I want to not fear ‘bad-angles’ during pictures. I want to lose my ‘food-baby.’ I want to get rid of the fat that isn’t me. I want to finally break-free to the actual me. I want to be happy. I want to “fit in.” Pun intended.
  • I want to lose weight so I can look all those people in the eyes that have said do you really think you look good, or do you think you wanna wear that, or eat that, and tell them to fuck off cause I'm a gorgeous skinny bitch now.
  • so every guy from your class that called you fat …can sink into the ground after the summer you lost weight.
  • to be come a better athlete and prove them wrong
  • You won’t feel self-conscince when his hand brushes over your tummy.
  • When people tell me I’m skinny, I want to be able to actually believe it. Instead of wearing big shirts, I want to be able to wear ones that show my stomach
  • to be loved, to be beautiful, to be healthy, to be able to run long distance and feel like I belong instead of feeling like I’m being stared at when I show up to meets.
  • I want to lose weight so I can love myself for once and to be able to see my toes when i look down.
  •  I want to get a boyfriend.
  • I hate my double-chin.
  • I want to wear cute clothes.
  • I want to wear a bikini. without a cover-up.
  • I want to be healthier.
  • I want to not wear x-larges all the time.
  • I want a gap.
  • I want muscle.
  • I want to be confident.
  • I’m tired of being so lazy and miserable. 
  • I need to do it while I’m young.
  • to fit into my grad dress perfectly
  • I want to lose weight is because my bestfriend and I usually get compared and shes just so skinny and fit and im more chubby and its embarrassing and I really want to go back to school this year and show them that I can be skinny like her and wear cute yoga pants!
  • so I can finally look better than my mom instead of her looking hotter than me.
  • so I don’t have to get high to make out with someone. Whenever someone wants to hook up, I get really nervous thinking about how they think I’ll look or how fat I’ll feel when they hold me. I always have to get drunk or high, and I want to be able to be with someone completely.
  • So that I can smile when I look in the mirror instead of cry.
  • So that I feel comfortable taking off my shirt around my boyfriend.
  • I want to lose weight so that one day I can show my grandchildren pictures of me when I was young,at the beach with my friends and say ‘look how slim I was then! Can you believe thats me!’
  •  To look hot
• To attract more guys
• To be pretty
• For my double chin to go away
• Being in a bikini in front of guys without feeling fat
• Be more confident
• Be more femine
• To be able to wear whatever without looking fat
• To not be fat
• To be able to say a lower number when someone asks how much I weight
• To not be ashamed of saying a number when being asked how much I weight
• To have the feeling that when a guy sees me they’ll say: damn she’s fit
• To impress Diogo, and show him what he’s missing and that he should have picked me instead of Mafalda
• To become more popular with guys and girls
• To be called fatty, as a joke, without getting offended
• To like how I look
• To be able to bend over without all my fat hanging there.
  • So when somebody randomly takes a picture of me and puts it on facebook, people will click on it to see who that gorgeous, skinny girl is. Not to see who the fat bitch with the double chin is.
  • So that when I finally get to see the long distance love of my life, I can run and jump into his arms.
  • so that the sister who called me fat can eat her words.
  • so that people’s head’s turn when I walk down the halls at school…
  • so i can wear a bikini for the first time in my entire life.
  • so i won’t have to hear boys murmer fatass at me
  • So I can go up to the girls who bullied me and caused my anorexia and show that they didn’t affect me. I can lose the weight and be healthy. They can’t change who they are, they are bullies.. I AM better than them. I can do this without anorexia. I WON’T go back down that road.
  • so I can be on top without worrying that I’m jiggling!
  • so that when they ask at the DMV if everything is correct I can tell them a new weight
  • So my ex and any other boys will look at me and say “damn”
  • to be happy
  • being able to buy clothes without trying them on to see if they “look right” first
  • i want TO LOSE WEIGHT to prove to not only everyone around me but also to myself, that i can fight what has been a burden on me for so long. i want to wear whatever i want, and not be embarrassed about what it may look like. i wanna be able to eat in public and NOT feel like a fatass, and most importantly i want to be a healthier person, in order to teach myself healthy habits for the future.
  • So you’re the girl they’re jealous of at the gym
  • cause i am scared my boyfriend will leave me
  • I want to be skinny because I want to have more friends and be sociable.
  • To take cute pictures without trying to hide how much you’re really sucking in.
  • I want to be skinny so I never have a muffin top in jeans. To wear a tight dress and have a perfect figure. To be skinner and have a better body then my best friend who is 5’2 and im 5’7. To wear crop tops and not have to worry about a muffin top. To wear shorts and not have cellulite on my legs. To see both sides of the school chairs when I sit down. To wear yoga pantes and have your thighs not touch and your ass looking great
  • So i can be proud to stand next to my body builder boyfriend
  • So I look awesome in my wedding pictures next year and all the people I went to high school with will see how good I look when they facebook stalk me :) 
  • So I don’t have to CONSTANTLY think that people are staring at my double chin 
  • So I don’t look at my double chin before I look at anything else in the mirror each morning. 
  • Be able to run and play with my kids without getting tired and out of breath. 
  • Run in a 5k race to benefit the wounded warrior project.
  • So that guys will feel lucky if they’re with me
  • to get a flat belly and a nice bum :)

1. To feel better about myself.
2. To increase my feelings of self worth.
3. To be able to run and jump without worrying about hurting myself.
4. To look good in a tight dress.
5. To be able to wear shorts in the summer.
6. To be able to go swimming without being self-conscious.
7. To feel I can go swimming at all!
8. To be able to run with my grandchildren
9. To be healthier.
10. To not have fear going to the doctors, because he'll make me get on a scale.
11. To be able to wear a bra that actually fits.
12. To not worry about lawn chairs breaking.
13. To not worry about where to sit at a picnic or on an airplane.
14. To not get "those looks" at a restaurant, even when eating normal food.
15. So my ankles don't puff up and look like there's half a tennis ball on each side.
16. To be able to use a public washroom comfortably.
17. To be able to go into any store, and buy the clothes I like, not just the ones that fit.
18. To not feel awkward about going clothes shopping, or shoe shopping.
19. To be able to order clothes from a catalogue without worrying if they will fit.
20. To be able to wear something that doesn’t say PLUS on it.
21. To reduce my blood pressure.
22. So I can feel comfortable.
23. So I can run on the beach in a bathing suit and feel proud.
24. So taking a bath is a luxurious thing, instead of taking a shower so I won't risk overflowing the tub.
25. So my pants won't wear out between my legs while the rest of them are still in good shape.
26. I want to be able to read the scale by just looking down, straight down.
27. I don't ever want to feel my fat jiggle again!
28. So I can look in the mirror from the neck down and like what I see.
29. To feel strong and fit again.
30. So I can show off my muscles, instead of just feeling fat.
31. So I can play with my dog again!
32. So I can drive my car and feel comfortable.
33. So I don't feel like I'm always leaning back while sitting in a chair, because of my butt.
34. So I can walk up a flight of stairs and not feel winded.
35. So I can wear tight jeans.
36. So I can get up and dance and not feel weird.
37. So I can go on rides at amusement parks again, without stuffing myself into the seat shamefully.
38. So I don't have to worry about the maximum weight an exercise machine can take before I use it.
39. I want to deprive my cats of a perching spot on my chest because it’s too small.
40. So I don't get that pitying look when I go to a gym to work out.
41. So I can lay outside and suntan on my front lawn if I want.
42. I want to wear underwear that looks cute and dainty, not something industrial.
43. So I can buy lingerie that fits, and looks good.
44. So I can buy lingerie without getting weird looks from store clerks or other customers.
45. I want to be able to at least consider entering a triathlon and have it be a possibility.
46. So getting dressed every morning is a joy and not a dreaded chore.
47. So I can pick the haircut I really want and not just one that is for fat people.
48. So I'm when people start talking about weight loss, I don't feel they mean me.
49. So no one ever calls me "a big girl" ever again.
50. So I'm not embarrassed to have my picture taken.
51. So when my photo is taken with my family I don't have to groan inside myself as I know how terrible I am going to make the family picture look.
52. So I don't get those indents on my thighs from the arms of the chair I'm sitting in.
53. So I can cross my legs.
54. So I can walk in heels without fear.
55. So I can put my jeans in the dryer, have a shower, get out of the shower, walk to the dryer and just pull my jeans on, instead of waiting to really, really dry off and then fight to get the zipper up.
56. So I can put my clothes in the dryer and forget to check the timer, and not worry about them fitting.
57. So my bras don't stretch on the sides, or get pulled seams.
58. So I can crawl around on the floor hooking up computer cables without wondering how bad I look.
59. So I can look in a full-length mirror with pride, instead of despair.
60. So I can get up from the floor in one smooth move and not a grab and hold on to something move.
61. So I can get on with my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
62. So those stupid gowns at the doctors or chiropractors not only fit, but also are too big.
63. So I can show off my legs, instead of monster ham thighs.
64. So I can look good in a business suit or a short skirt, instead of always wearing loose clothing.
65. So my back doesn't hurt so much.
66. So I can lie in bed, look down and see my toes without lifting my head off the pillow.
67. So I don't have to worry about what fits in the closet and what doesn't.
68. So I don't have to worry about the seasons changing, and will my summer/winter clothes still fit.
69. So I don't fear the onset of summer and light clothing.
70. So I don't crave wintertime, so I can hide under big jackets and sweaters.
71. So I don't think mean thoughts when I see skinny women.
72. So my doctor will never say, "you really need to lose some weight" to me ever again, but instead says nothing more than "see you next year".
73. So no one will ever again ask me "when is your baby due", and I'm not pregnant.
74. So people in the supermarket don't look in my cart when they think I'm not looking, to see what a "fat person" eats.
75. So I look lean, mean and powerful.
76. So I can say my weight out loud with pride.
77. So the old pictures of the fat lady at the circus don't look like me.
78. So I can say to other people who are overweight, hey, I was there once too, and maybe help them get to where they want to be.
79. So I don't wonder if people are saying, "what is HE doing with HER "? (My honey is skinny and can eat anything)
80. So I don't have to worry about my bathroom scales breaking.
81. So I am in control of what exercise I choose and not what I am able to do as of being so over weight.
82. So I don't have to give excuses for being over weight.
83. So I can shave my legs in a shower without gashing myself because I can't see around my fat.
84. So I can ride a horse again!
85. So I can go out fishing with friends, and not be scared to walk inside the boat because I'm so heavy I will tip it.
86. To be able to go canoeing, and my end doesn't sink real low while the other person is almost in the air.
87. So my Grandchildren never remember me as fat.
88. So I can stand up in a boat again, with balance and grace, instead of hanging onto the sides and wondering how I'll get back in if I fall out.
89. So I can boat out to the middle of a lake and go swimming, and be able to pull myself back in the boat.
90. No more "beached whale" comments, anywhere.
91. So I can go into public and not care what type of looks I get.
92. So I can sit on a bar stool and I'm actually sitting ON it, not on it and around it too.
93. So a regular towel goes all the way around me, and maybe even looks cute.
94. So my socks pull all the way up.
95. So I can hug my knees to my chest again, and it’s comfortable.
96. So I can sit on a chair, and have my feet on that chair too, and not be sitting on them.
97. So I can wear a low cut sweater and my collarbones show.
98. So I can wear a light blouse or sweater, and there aren't dents where my bra straps are.
99. So I don't have to worry about arthritis or joint replacement when I get older.
100. So furniture doesn't groan when I sit on it, or wear out long before it should because I'm too heavy.
101. So I never have to look at someone else with envy again, thinking, "Wow, I wish I was that thin".
102. I want to lose weight so that my breasts stick out more than my stomach and not the other way around.
103. I can sit comfortably in the lawn chair all the way instead of sitting on the edge and the arms
pinching me.
104. I can fit into the theatre seats comfortably.
105. I can sit at the booth OR table in the restaurant. I don't have to be embarrassed because I need a table.
106. I can look straight down and see my toes instead of bending over to see them.
107. I can bend over comfortably to tie my shoes.

SO people cheer instead of rolling their eyes at me when I tell them I plan to lose weight because they can see that I mean business.
SO I can stop feeling like a human trash compactor; shoving everything into my mouth.
To not be invisible
To stop being afraid. Its easier to be confident when YOU like the way you look. 
So I can attract the kind of guy who respects his body and makes the effort to stay fit.
To start my life. To be at that point where I follow thru w/ what I say I'm going to do. To not give up until I'm thin. 
To be able to wear cute sheath dresses.
To feel feminine and not like a rhino.
To buy new seasonal clothes cause I'm THINNER than I was last season!
So I can stop layering my clothes and just wear a shirt. Period. Not jacket, no vest, no sweater. No bulges.
So I can stop feeling bad about myself.
To stop feeling like I have no control over what I put into my mouth.

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