Monday, January 11, 2016

Model Thinspo (Kiera Knightley)

8. Make it automatic. Technology can be your friend when it comes to remembering daily habits. Trying to ease stress this year? Sign up for auto-shipping and auto-payments. Having your pet food delivered every 2, 4, 6 - you set the frequency (at can lighten your load substantially. Try it and see if it doesn't make your life easier. Want to save money for that killer running shoe you have your eye on? Have cash automatically deposited into an earmarked savings account. Setting up an additional Savings accounts is easy. There are tons of apps that will send you inspirational reminders to keep you on track with your work out and others that will develop shopping lists for your new healthy way of eating, and still others to track your carbs, protein, fat and/or water intake. EXPLORE!
Shaving time off other tasks, give you more time to focus on fitness, and more energy to spend on fitness.

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