Monday, July 20, 2015

THINSPO DAY 18 : Create a Healthy Diet

Create a Healthy Diet
Energy is very important to living a happy life, but that
is dependent on eating healthy. 
Spend 10 cents extra to buy food that wasn't procured from a tortured animal. Grass-fed makes a difference.
Spend 10 cents extra for certified, cage-free/free-range eggs. The toxins and hormones released when animals die under torture and stressed living conditions are not good for you! Not to mention, do we really want to reward the food industry for their monstrous treatment of animals?
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JUST A SMALL NOTE: There are as many diets as grains of sand it seems. Read. Learn. Test. Try out your diet and check your results with lab results (just ask your doctor!). You want to make sure you're
lookin good on the INSIDE as well as the OUTSIDE.

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